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New Reviews for SEER

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I very much like this review at Self-Publishing Review:

A chilling and thrilling YA novel. With a bold plot line and an unforgettable protagonist, SEER instantly stands out as a paranormal classic. Author Eli Bloom captures youth, innocence and courage within these pages, while brushing on topical subjects that will strike a chord in readers of any age….

Regardless of which side of the spirit world you reside on, certain philosophical questions are undeniable in the writing, which gives the book authority and credibility as more than pulp YA fiction. Combine that level of detail and thought with a plot that is genuinely unpredictable, and you have a knockout novel in the genre that offers more depth than you might expect. Eli Bloom shows himself to be a significant and forceful writer.

Much less good is this recent review, but she does have this to say:

“SEER: The Ghosts of Gray Fable” has a strong message that goes beyond the paranormal. Evil things happen every day, but hatred and fear will only make the situation worst: “Evil is an idea and the way to combat that idea isn’t with more evil, it’s with love.” I think that this is a lesson that everyone should internalise, that the world can be a better place if we fill our lives with positive thoughts.

Thanks to all these blogs for posting about the book on my recent book tour: